Packages and Capabilities

SeeBark Media offers static content solutions as well as database driven web applications. While we can safely offer the static solutions at a fixed price, the custom web applications would be priced on a per feature basis in addition to the static site package price. The possibilities that exist for you to utilize the web and a database driven solution are only limited by your imagination and the needs of your business or organization.

Starter Package :: $400.00 (includes the following):
  • A domain name registration, of your choice, for the first year
  • Web hosting of your site and all its content, for the first year
  • Graphic design of all images and logos necessary for your site
  • HTML and style sheet work to arrange and display the site layout
  • Monthly updates to your site for promotional purposes (1 hour per month limit)
  • Five (5) email accounts for your domain, accessible through a web mail application
  • Annual fees of $60 thereafter to cover domain name renewal, hosting and maintenance

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